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    Alexander McQueen is a British luxury fashion house founded in 1992 by Lee Alexander McQueen. The current creative director is the extremely talented Sarah Burton, who not only established herself as a highly accomplished designer but also received global recognition for designing Kate Middleton’s wedding dress. The brand is known for its darkness and controversial but dreamy universe. The collection combines impressive craftsmanship with romance and unique storytelling.
    The southernmost county of the United Kingdom, ‘Cornwalldraw’, was Sarah’s inspiration for the Fall 2017 collection. Her creative team explored the ancient stone circles and medieval churches in the country as they stumbled upon the “Cloutie Tree”, they were inspired by the meaning of it: People tie on it rags and ribbons as wishes and mementos. This was the core influence that inspired the designers for this season’s collection. The ribbons were woven into luxurious garments\materials made into a whole outfit. Combined by the ribbons. Alongside the middle aged silhouettes and adding her own statement to terrific black – grey pantsuits,the result was mesmerising.